Escape games are an excellent group activity that can be enjoyed either with a group of friends or with family. Players are trapped inside game rooms that we have created, complete with realistic settings and backstory. In order to escape, players need to use the clues available to solve different puzzles and complete their mission. These games are a great test of teamwork and logical thinking. At LOST, we have a unique approach towards game design. Immersion, story flow, realistic environments, advanced mechanisms, and innovative ways of playing the game are what sets us apart.


THE HAUNTED HOUSE is one of the brainchilds of LOST in JB. What is unique about this branch in particular? In one word – horror! By incorporating more horror elements into the escape room games, the escape process becomes even more thrilling. We’ve also included more physical elements into our games to add more excitement and fun. With all of our horror themes having different fear factor levels, players can choose games that suit them the most while testing their bravery. Come feel it for yourself! Our games will bring you thrills, scares and excitement unlike anywhere else!


LOST in JB was founded by a group of friends who are passionate about gaming, adventure and innovative ideas. We are introducing the concept of Real Escape Rooms that are extremely popular in Japan, Hong Kong and England here to Malaysia. We believe that Real Escape Rooms should be more than just opening locks. We’ve put in a lot of effort on the story and settings and incorporated innovative ways of playing in order to leave our players pleasantly surprised. Our goal is for you to be fully immersed in the story, and deliver a unique experience that demonstrates our style.


Step 1 : Form a Team - Form a strong team. You will need the strength of everyone to overcome the obstacies and escape.
Step 2 : Pick a Game - Choose the theme you like the most from the posters availabel.
Step 3 : Understand the Story - Before the game starts, our game masters will share the plot with you and lead you into the room.
Step 4 : Unravel the mtstery complete the mission - Exciting and fun-filled puzzles await you, including gadgets and props that you least expect !
Step 5 : Surprise ! - In rooms designed by LOST, there will always be shocks and surprises waiting for you. With our storylines and entertainment value, prepare to be amazed.
Step 6 : ESCAPE!