The Abandoned Apartment is located at Hong Kong's Island District. The apartment's glory days of bustling activity have long gone, all that is left are horror stories and supernatural occurrences, the most shocking cases of all is Room 0347.

It is rumoured that many years ago, one of ZTC's triad members – Teddy, came home to Room 0347 covered in blood and never came out again since.Ever since that day, every person that tried to enter Room 0347 searching for Teddy hasdisappeared without a trace,
even the police are tight-lipped about the case. Since then, multiple rumours of paranormal occurrences within the building spread.

You are Teddy's secondary school friends from many years back and were shocked to hear about this news.Your group of friends have never believed in the paranormal, and decided to probe into Room 0347 to uncover the truth behind The Abandoned Apartment.

3-8 Pax
Player Range
Fear factor